More jobs for everyone! There is a huge job fair happening in Mason this week to hire 200 people. The place that is hiring this week is Klavon's Pizzeria and Pub, they right now have two restaurants in Jackson and expanding to a new place in Mason. And that is why they are looking to hire about 200 people for this new location, which is looking to open in the spring.

If you are interested you have three days to apply and show up at Klavon's on 318 W. Kipp Road in Mason. This is where the new location of the restaurant will be. They are holding the job fair from 9am - 7pm from February 21st - 23rd. They are looking to hire line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, Server/Host, Bartender, and more. They will be interviewing prospective employees during this time and you could be hired on the spot so if you are interested have you resume ready and head over there.

If you are interested you can apply here. 


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