This is not to say crying is fun by any means but sometimes it just feels so much better once you've let it all out.

I am the type of person to completely bottle up my emotions until the point where the smallest inconvenience makes me lose it and then people think I'm overreacting.

Those are what I like to call the "drop a spoon cry" because basically you are just holding every single other thing inside, often things that make you feel like you just can't do anything right, until finally you drop something (like a spoon) and that's what sets off the waterworks.

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However, since going to therapy, I have gotten better about not just bottling up how I'm feeling and while I am not perfect, I have also gotten better about doing what needs to be done to release my emotional baggage.

I now see the value in a good, hearty cry. Sometimes those "good cries" come out when I least expect it, while other times I know they are coming and I'm so relieved once it does.

There is just something so cathartic about crying. Plus, after, you dry your tears, address the issue and you can pull yourself up and carry on feeling at least a little lighter.

Now I know that is not a scientific explanation, but what do the experts say about crying?

10 Ways Crying Is Actually Good For You

Not only is it, beneficial just to "let it out" but it's awesome to know there is actually quite a bit of science to show all the different ways crying can help you!

Sure, I'm someone who once cried over a cute "Baby Yoda" meme but now I can just say "don't judge me, I'm just sanitizing my eyes".

Turns out, what comes out of our eyes is just as important as our eyes themselves. Here is some more information on how to take care of them by doing things like preventing Digital Eye Strain:

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While we're at it, here are some other bodily functions we should know more about:

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