Can anyone remember a time when there wasn't an Ingham County Fair? Has the whole fair or even parts of it been cancelled before? I can't remember a time, but maybe you can. I know that on the Ingham County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center Facebook page it says that the Founding Date for the Fairgrounds is 1854. Now, I don't know if there has been a fair every year since but if so then that is a lot of elephant ears, my friend. And for it or any of it's parts to never have been cancelled for any reason all these years would have to be some kind of feat.

Here's what I do know, News 10 says that the Ingham County Fair is going to cancel some events this year that are a part of the fair because why? If you guessed concern about COVID-19 you are absolutely right. Here's what is not happening this year:

  • The carnival.
  • Events at the grandstand.
  • Entertainment on the grounds.
  • Still-life exhibits.

What then will be happening?

  • Large animal auctions.
  • Small animal auctions.
  • Youth livestock shows.
  • Horse shows.

Of course the events that are cancelled are out of an abundance of caution due to the virus and pandemic and any adverse effects it could have to fair attendees, workers and more this year. All of the events that are still scheduled to take place will do so respecting the restrictive guidelines for safety that have been created during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Ingham County Fair that is planned to be the full experience is now scheduled to take place Monday, August 2 through Saturday, August 7, 2021.

News 10 has more info about the fair changes here.

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