If you're going up to check out the fall colors, you may want to wait for a couple of weeks.

The Tunnel of Trees is one of Michigan's most beloved attractions. Located in the northwestern portion of the state, M-119 between Harbor Springs and Cross Village holds one of the most gorgeous landmarks in the state - a portion of the highway that it completely hugged by lines of trees.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

The 20-mile-stretch runs along a gorgeous bluff on Lake Michigan, complete with adorable local shops and restaurants. Be careful on Devil's Elbow and Horseshoe Curve; slow down and be ready for sharp turns. The road narrows quite a bit, so be prepared.

Now, if you're wanting to make thte 3 hours and 17-minute drive from Flint to the Tunnel of Trees to check out the beautiful fall colors, you may want to hold off - visitors who made the trip in the last week were disappointed at how green everything still was.

This photo was taken on October 13th of 2019, and you can see that the colors had barely started to show:

Peak color dates for northern Michigan are predicted to fall (haha, pun intended) sometime between October 7th and the 14th, and we're gonna wager a guess that it's probably closer to the 14th, if not after.

If you do make the trip, be sure to stop at Leg's Inn at the end of the tunnel for some authentic Polish food.

Whenever you end up going, take lots of pictures!

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