Are you wondering, when will these trees change colors? Cause I wonder myself as my lawn is covered in leaves from the 7 trees that surround my house. As I took out my leaf blower and got ready to make another pile, I thought about when I would see some pretty colors in these leaves. This year has felt long and weird so I get confused about what time of the year we are in now, but we are getting to the color changes in the leaves I swear.

Anyway if you are wondering why leaves change color during the autumn it is mostly because of the amount of pigments in the leaves that causes them to fall. All leaves gradually lose chlorophyll during the growing season, and this loss accelerates before leaves fall. There are other chemicals involved like; Carotenoids and Anthocyanins, which affects leaves to fall too and allows leaves to appear red or yellow when they fall. Once the Fall days begin to get shorter and shorter, the production of Chlorophyll slows to eventually nothing and giving way to the ‘true’ color of the leaf.

Let's get back to what I was mentioning before which is when we will actually see some different colors on the trees. According to, their interactive map shows that Lansing should be seeing the leaves changing by September 28th with the peak being October 19th. This means that between this time it will be best to see all of the pretty fall colors we love to see. If you want to see the first peak of fall leaf colors then you can head to the U.P or northern Michigan by September 21st.

You can see the interactive map and learn more about Fall colors here.

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