That was the question I asked you on Wednesday and I guess most of us have named our cars cause I got a lot of you calling in. I asked what is the name of your car because on Tuesday it was National Name Your Car Day, which is a strange day I know, so I figured I would ask you. So not only did I ask you what your car's name was, but also why you named your car that.

In addition, October 2nd is always National Name Your Car Day so if you don't have a name now you can get one by next year. Also here's a fun fact 25% of people have a name for their car, and the most popular name given to it is "Baby".

I unfortunately don't have a name for my car, though I say my car is girl I still don't have a name for it. If you are also in the same boat as me you can listen to some of the great names of other cars and maybe take an idea from them.




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