It's All About People Helping People

People helping people. If nothing else, the pandemic has taught us that we need each other. And we're stronger together.

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Once things started getting tough people started losing jobs, food, and other necessities became hard to come by. People stepped up to help out.

Donations were made to food banks and other charities. Not only to help those struggling with a new never before seen virus, but also with keeping food on the table.

What Happens When The Food Banks Start Running Low

The resource was there and people used it. A lot. Record numbers. Even now the need is greater than ever and the projections are lofty.

Feeding America, a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks, projects a 6 billion to 8 billion meal shortfall in the next 12 months, a deficit that may be magnified with federal food assistance programs set to expire in the coming weeks and months. The Feeding America analysis estimates the total need for charitable food over the next year will reach 17 billion pounds, more than three times last year’s distribution. (Washington Post, Oct. 2020)

Locally, it's a huge problem as well.

Before March, about 1.3 million Michigan residents faced food insecurity and now it's about 1.9 million — up by 600,000 and most are children, according to Feeding America. (Detroit Free Press, January 2021)

Local Businesses To The Rescue

Thankfully, local businesses have been doing what they can to help ease the burden suffered by local food banks.

Say hello to our friends at Horizen Hydroponics. They came up with a unique way to feature some of their customers and raise money for several Michigan food banks.

Horizen Hydroponics sold 2021 “Grow Room” calendars in an effort to bolster local food pantries. Each calendar was sold for $5, with every dollar being split between Feeding America of West Michigan, Greater Lansing Food Bank and Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. Horizen Hydroponics committed to match the dollar amount collected from each purchase. (Horizen Hydroponics press release)

Horizen Hydroponics along with Detroit Nutrient Company and Pheno Hut Seed Bank also committed to match the final amount donated to each food pantry. Each organization will receive $1000!

Thanks to these local businesses helping their customers grow green and give back to local food pantries in our communities.

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