It's always hard to think about anyone going hungry in this world and especially in our own neck of the woods. I have lived in many cities in my radio career and like you, have given money to the homeless at the street light when the light is red.

Sure, some make a living at it and just don’t wanna work, but some really do need our help and are maybe had a few crises in their life and some health issues.  A lot of jobs out there right now and it sure would be nice to see some of them turn their life around.

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Who Is Affected In The Lansing Area

Food challenges are more of a problem these days and hunger affects thousands of residents in Mid-Michigan communities. Children, senior citizens, veterans, citizens who are disabled or on a fixed income, and the unemployed according to

The Greater Lansing Food Bank is a nonprofit organization which provides emergency food assistance to needy families and individuals. Heavily reliant on volunteers, the Food Bank makes food available at food pantries and mobile distribution sites in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee Gratiot, Isabella, and Clare counties.


Here Is How We All Can Help

It really is the time of the year to help and give back especially if it's been a good year for your family. Thanksgiving is soon so please take time and join me and others to make a tax-deductible donation and send a check along to the "Greater Lansing Food Bank."  Let's do it together and join the ongoing fight against hunger. Donate here at the

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