If you are looking for a cool event to check out and end the summer on, you should check out the Greater Lansing Balloon Festival. It's happening on Saturday at the Hope Sports Complex in Lansing, and the events will start at 3 PM.

There are going to be dozens of hot air balloons all over the sky on Saturday. The best chance to catch them being lifted off is on Saturday Morning, approx 7:00-7:30 AM; and Saturday Evening, approx 6:00-7:00 PM. All of this is depending on weather. But you will be able to see the balloons being unpacked, inflated, and lifted into the sky. There will also be a Balloon glow at 8 PM, as pilots will inflate their balloons, light up their burners and brighten up the sky, and will also be lit when on the ground for even cooler night.

Along with the balloon launches, there will be vendors, live entertainment, and a kids zone as well.

Check out the whole schedule of events here. 

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