Yes gas prices have fallen again and in time for the Christmas shopping rush. reports gas prices from users putting up prices a couple of times a day and most stations in the Lansing-Area are reporting gas prices lower than $2.10. The cheapest price is at Costco which is reporting prices at $1.99, yes under $2 but you have to have a membership to get gas there.

Other places that are reporting cheap prices are Speedway which has most stations between $2.10 - $2.06. Also Kroger in Okemos is at $2.03 which is the second cheapest among stations in the Lansing-Area. So if you need to fill up your tank this is the time to do it as you never know when the prices will go up again.

If you want to see more on gas prices and why they are dropping you can check it out here from MLive.

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