Gas prices have gone down again, and I hope I don't ruin it by saying it, but it comes at a great time with the Holidays approaching. According to Triple A, gas prices for a gallon of unleaded in Michigan are the lowest they have been in 7 months.

The current AAA National Average is $2.761 and here in Michigan the average price is $2.707. The averages among the counties in our area are; Ingham County is $2.691, in Clinton County the average is $2.631, while in Eaton County they had the cheapest average at $2.593. The average in our state a year ago was $2.62 so we are getting back to the average low of last year so that is kind of a good sign especially with winter and the holidays coming up.  Click here to see more from Triple A.

Plus if you are really wanting to keep track of local station's gas prices you can do that on the GasBuddy app. Most of the stations in the Lansing area, I searched using 48910 zip code, are between $2.61 - $2.65 with most Speedways and Citgo in that range. Also a reminder gas prices are usually changed on Tuesday and Thursday so if you need gas maybe buy some today or take a gamble and see if prices will drop again. Anyway check out more about gasbuddy here. 

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