The little community of Five Lakes is no more. But even though it isn't a community officially, the remaining residents may quibble about that.

The once-village of Five Lakes is in Mayfield Township, Lapeer County, at the intersection of King's Mill Road and and the dirt drive known as Five Lakes Road.

The town was settled in 1855 by the Piper & Thomson Company, a lumber company that built a sawmill. A couple of other lumber mills sprang up as well as an inn, post office, school and a few stores & shops. The lumber companies eventually cut down all the white pine in the area; once the trees were depleted, so was the town. Businesses folded up and the post office closed in 1878. Five Lakes was no more.

You can drive through this 'lost' Michigan town and see what it looks like now. There are a handful of homes, an old school and a couple of old buildings still standing. Take a look at the photos below.

Roadtrip thru Michigan this year...there's SO much to see, do and learn!


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