Suppose you go to pick up your 2-year-old from daycare and what you thought was a scratch turns out to be irritation from an eyebrow waxing? How would you react? A mom in Washington state is fit to be tied, has pulled her daughter from the facility, and is seeking help from the law! Who waxes a child? A child that is not yours that was left in your care at a daycare? I know some parents that would not have been as calm and would have definitely laid hands on people for doing this to their child.

Mom Alyssa Salgado took her frustration and anger to Facebook and it was not nice .(***WARNING - LANGUAGE***)


Washington day care accused of waxing toddlers' eyebrows

A Boys & Girls Club day care is under investigation after two Washington mothers accused the facility of waxing their toddlers' eyebrows without permission. When Alyssa Salgado picked her 2-year-old daughter up from the child care facility run by the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin counties earlier this month, she noticed the skin between her toddler's eyebrows was red and irritated.

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