Ok the snow is done so we all get to do the unfortunate task of clearing the snow from your car and sidewalks, and you better do this or you will face a fine.

First, Michigan law states that a person cannot have snow, ice or slush, fly off their car and land onto the road or land on the vehicle of another car and blind the driver. In addition, you also need to clean up and clear your lights and license plate or you may get pulled over. More on clearing your car here. 

Next up your sidewalk, once the last snow flake falls in the city of Lansing, you've got 24 hours to clear your sidewalk or get hit with a ticket. After that initial ticket, you've got 24 hours to make a path or you'll get fined $149. After that second citation, you'll get hit with an extra bill of $70 for every 20 minutes that the job is not done before the City sends a crew out to clear the way. And you'll be billed for that.

WLNS TV 6 has all the details here for the 'sidewalk snow rules' in the Lansing-Area.

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