There is nothing like the sound of a baby laughing. It's infectious. And the harder they laugh, the bigger you smile.

Now, let's take it to another level. There is nothing like the love of a parent for their child. And a bond between a man and his son. Meet baby Quentin and his dad (B-doe, check out his channel on YouTube) who decided to battle rap his baby boy today. We don't know if Baby Q was just so happy that dad was giving him all his attention and rhyming so fierce. Or maybe he thought dad's lines were funny because HE could do better. Either way. Dad cracked the baby up. The baby cracked daddy up. This family moment that they decided to share with us will definitely make your day. Enjoy. And turn up your speakers. Quentin is too cute and adorable and that laugh is everything.

(Video: B-doe - ThatsHowitBdoe via YouTube)

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