While pretty much "doom scrolling" through social media looking for the next thing to either chime in or complain about, I came across this.

Take one child. Add two baby goats. A couple of "baaas" later and we got infectious child laughter. And instantly, I feel better. And I stopped "doom scrolling".

And yes, I keep saying doom scrolling. It's not mine, it's real, it's new, and I'm in love with it.

Anyway, the hysterical sounds emanating from that child's very soul over those two baby goats sent me on a quest. And thus the only reason I put this little video collection together today.

You and I both need a laugh. That only laughing babies can give us. To get away from everything that is driving us crazy right now. So enjoy. And share. And come back next time when I will put my hard work to good use in the search for super cute puppies.

Enjoy. Smile. Laugh. God is in control. It's gonna be alright. We'll get through this together. Laughing. Like little babies. And hopefully, this will get you through at least for a minute.

Loves ya.

Here, we get a laugh, a bottle flip, nails it, and then that look on her face that was like OPE! I did it!

Ripping up some bills or a letter from an ex might bring you joy. But THIS much joy? You are not ready for how tickled pink 8-month old Micah is at the sound of hearing paper being torn in two.

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And if you thought paper ripping was great, well a dog eating popcorn is DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS.

And one more for the road. Dad + funny noises = pure joy and laughter. Enjoy. See you next time.

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