Large and his dad. Note the neck pillow. Ask me about that neck injury while he was building his shear she shed lol. Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

So Sunday, the Lions lost. Period point blank. Injuries, defense failing, a Vikings team firing on all cylinders. After that horrible Green Bay loss, definitely not what we needed. And next week, IT'S A MUST WIN vs the New York Football Giants.

But yesterday's game for me was so much more than just a game. I got to go home and visit family. My father. There are key times in a man's life when you get to spend a little one on one time with you dad that really help to define your relationship.

My pops (who is retired) has his crew of friends who have a spot/lot down in Eastern Market in Detroit. Right around the corner from Ford Field. If you have tix to the game, it's your pre-party spot. if you don't have tix, you can chill here. Everyone has their spot and every tailgate is different. But it's all love. And it's all Detroit.

It's like we forget all the ills of the world and we come together for the one team that no one else believes in but us. And we love it.

People seem to forget color, religion, politics, everything that separates us. And we eat, drink, party, and celebrate life & football.

And for me, it's a rite of passage. And a chance to stand up and represent my dad. See that blue neck pillow he is wearing. Lol. He was building his lovely shear she shed with one of his friends (Kenny pictured below) on Saturday and somehow strained a neck muscle. That's Kenny on my right and my pops on the left.

Large, his dad on his left and friend. Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Anyway, dad milked this pseudo neck strain for all it's worth. And number one eldest son got to take his place on Sunday at the tailgate. And they let me on the grill. Now, I have to explain. You have to work real hard and have a tremendous amount of trust for THESE BROTHAS to even let you near the grill. I have been allowed to do basic stuff beforehand. But I got to do my own marinated chicken. And serve. And to rave reviews. All while nursing the sick old man who seemed just fine sitting there watching the game. And eating everything we cooked. And enjoying adult beverages. Wait a minute. Retirement has it's perks people. And what else are kids for if not to take care of our folks and fetch them stuff when they are clearly sick and injured right? Enjoy pictures from the festivities and Go Lions! And it goes without saying, I love my father so very much. Cherish your pops, your father, your dad my friends. I thank God for him whenever I can.