Good Luck Finding Fireworks For Your Home Show

The pandemic is getting under control. Folks are getting vaccinated. Restrictions are being lifted. Capacity limits are going away.

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Things are getting back to normal. Right?

We kick off the summer. We're heading towards the Fourth of July. And then we get this.

At least for now you should be able to get packaged fireworks at some of our local stores until they eventually sell out.

Because of the fireworks shortage this year, some of the more well known pop-up fireworks stands will not be open.

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New Year's Fireworks Sales Begin
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Several sources are reporting fireworks shortages this year and if you do find them, you're going to be paying big bucks for your backyard display.

Save yourself the hassle and get the family to Downtown Lansing for the weekend of the 4th of July.

Your Lansing Lugnuts have got all the fireworks you need both on and off the field.

Three Strikes You're Out? More Like Three Nights of Fireworks

Lansing Lugnuts
Lansing Lugnuts

Look at that party people. You don't need to worry about finding and spending ridiculous amounts of cash on fireworks. Keeping your neighbors up and possibly causing a fire hazard.

Skip all that and just get downtown to a Lugnuts game.

The weekend of the 4th they'll be playing the Dayton Dragons and there will be fireworks after the game for three nights in a row.

Back to back to back. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You can get downtown and check out the game or find a good spot outside of Jackson Field and watch them too.


Heads up, it will probably be crazy busy and packed Sunday night the 4th of July so plan accordingly and get your tickets now.

Celebrate Independence Day Weekend and GO NUTS! LUGNUTS!

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