Popular coffee chain, Starbucks has finally unleashed Pumpkin Spice from the depths of a fall-lovers' paradise and while many are excited, others want no part of it.

Look, I love pumpkin foods but not when companies get a bit ridiculous with it.

Pumpkin pie is the ultimate fall treat or any other variations of it. It reigns supreme.

Pumpkin bread? Also legit.

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights? My absolute favorite, I stock up so I can have them even after stores stop selling them.

However, I know I draw the line at pumpkin spice lattes.

It tastes like drinking a candle, which pumpkin spice latte candles are also horrible.

One time I had a pumpkin-mocha-latte-whatever wax scent in my wax melter and after a while it made my whole dorm room smell like rotting bananas and I'm not entirely sure how it happened but it's ruined that scent for me entirely.

I will say, if you find somewhere that has a pumpkin cheescake smoothie or milkshake or something, definitely try that!

Over the years, pumpkin spice has become sort of a defining feature for "basic white girls" where we are supposed to break out our "basic" UGG boots and our leggings and get down with our typical, "basic" selves.

Then, there are the people who don't care about the stereotype and keep on keeping on with their love for pumpkin spice and those people are definitely more than welcome to indulge.

However, can we all agree pumpkin spice has gone a bit too far? There's pumpkin spice everything now-a-days and it's exhausting!

I love fall as much as the next person, I've honestly already decorated, however I don't think I will ever truly pinpoint my feelings about pumpkin spice.

However, if you want to know a more non-traditional pumpkin spice latte to order, go for the "Cinderella Latte."

Now you can't just walk up and say "your finest Cinderalla Latte please" but what you can do is order a white mocha latte with half the pumps of syrup as white mocha and the other half as pumpkin spice. It may be a mouthfull; however, it's a "white pumpkin" take on the popular drink and sure is a hell of a lot tastier!

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Now let's talk about fall things that have nothing to do with polarizing pumpkin spice, fall activities in Michigan!

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