No matter how creative you get with your carving, it all starts with the perfect pumpkin.

There are so many different styles of carving and when you grow up with a dad like mine, it can get pretty extreme!

There are people who can do insanely detailed designs, even full-fledged portraits on pumpkins and there are some people who go the simple route.

Carving pumpkins is one of my most favorite activities for fall, there was one time in college I did it completely by myself in a third-floor apartment with only a window well to display it in.

I notice I get better and better and more detailed every year and I know soon enough I will creatively carve a pumpkin that rivals my dads...even if he has an unfair advantage using power tools.

See, in the Mossolle family, picking out a pumpkin is what gives you inspiration on what to carve. It's the closest we come to sculptors, looking over every angle, taking a step back and seeing where inspiration strikes us most to be able to create our masterpieces.

We go for the ones that most people would leave behind. They've got those little pumpkin warts, they've got dents and we always go for ones we can make look like they were punched in the face.

Here are some of the best tips to follow when picking out your pumpkin to get it from the patch to your porch looking like a million bucks:

How To Pick The Perfect Pumpkin

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