In a previous post, I told you why cats love Christmas trees. Well now I have ways to distract your cat from ruining your tree this year. These suggestions may be more work for you at the beginning, but you'll have less of a mess to clean up once Christmas is over since your cat won't be ruining your tree.

First, a great way to distract your cat is to build him, her, or them, their own Christmas tree or Gingerbread House. No you won't have to actually build a gingerbread house for your cat out of gingerbread, but out of cardboard. Cardboard is something that is perfect for cats as it can support their weight and is good for their nails. Cardboard is pretty much the #1 thing for a cat to scratch. If you need some advice on how to build one, check out what this couple did for their cats below.

Next, another option to distract or keep your cats away from the Christmas tree is hang some citrus on the tree. Cats don't like citrus and they won't want it to get on them or eat it. You can also hang your Christmas tree from the ceiling or put your Christmas tree in a cage, but make sure it is a big cage because your cat will still try and put their paw through to get at it. Another option is to get a fake tree or a just use a Christmas decoration as your Christmas Tree because your cat will most likely avoid that. Other suggestions are in the video below.

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