Yes, this is a question that I'm sure runs through your mind especially if you own a cat or two, but why do they love to ruin the Christmas tree every year? There are many reasons as to why cats love to climb, knock over, or ruin the Christmas tree you put hours into putting up and decorating, so lets go over a few.

First, your cat loves the Christmas tree because cats love to climb. Cats are made to climb things, due to their nails growing on a curve which allows them to scale up things rather quick. Cats assume you are bringing this tree in for them cause they are conditioned to climb trees to get prey or to get away from danger. Plus, cats love to hide, and if they can hide somewhere up high to see more of their surroundings, they will do so. If you have a cat tree already in your house for your cats to climb, then get ready for them to climb a tree in your house.

Next, when you set up decorations, whether that means lights or ornaments, cats think they are toys. This is especially an issue with ornaments as they reflect light well and get noticed by cats quickly.  You want to make sure though if you have a cat that you have no tinsel on your tree, this is a no-no as many cats like to chew it (it’s very grass-like) and it can cause some dangerous intestinal tangles.

Finally, here are some solutions to cat proof your tree and make your holiday easier. You will want to secure the tree against a wall or something else so that it can't fall over if a cat happens to make its way in there. Next, put ornaments high up on the tree, or if you have ornaments that you have ones that can't break easily. In addition, be aware of dangers like glass breakables, cords that cats could get tangled in, and anything small they might ingest. Your cat is smart and also not smart, but they think that the Christmas tree you brought in the house is for them so you will want to make it cat friendly. You can see more about a cat's love for Christmas trees here. 

And also, if you want a good laugh, here's one of the many Christmas trees vs cats videos below.

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