Where is he now...?

About a year ago is when we first learned about Detroiter James Robertson. Also known as the "Walking Man", Robertson gained notoriety when his daily commute made national news. Why would such a mundane thing like a commute to and from work be such a big deal? Well, that's because Robertson made 21 of the 46 mile round trip BY FOOT, every.single.day.

Everyday for ten years Robertson made that commute, until Wayne State student Evan Leedy, decided to step in and help out. Leedy set up a GoFundMe page in Robertson's name and, within a week (between that page and two others), about $360,000 was raised. Robertson was also gifted a car from Ford, a 2015 Taurus that he chose because "It's like me- simple on the outside, durable on the inside."

The Lansing State Journal gives us an inside look at how Robertson is adjusting to his new life. He now resides in Troy and has a quick commute to work. Robertson is especially excited about his new car this winter, because that means he doesn't have to trudge through piles of snow. Robertson is also dealing with a new set of problems... Learning to fit into a new neighboorhood, making new friends, and losing weight- since he's no longer walking the 21 miles a day, Robertson's waistline has expanded. Read more about Robertson and his story HERE.

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