Detroiter James Robertson, 56,  works at a molding factory in Rochester Hills. And everyday he makes the 46 mile round-trip commute to work...21 miles of which he walks.  According to The Detroit Free Press, Robertson has been making this trek every day, five days a week for the last ten years (he has perfect attendance by the way). In 2005, Robertson's car died on him and he hasn't been able to afford to buy another car, until now!

Wayne State University computer student, Evan Leedy, started a GoFundMe for Robertson to help raise enough money for the factory worker to buy a new car. Through the fundraising site, Leedy has managed to raise over $130,000 for Robertson! And that amount is still growing.

This story is so incredible that the news of it is going national as well. Both Leedy and Robertson were interviewed by CBS Morning News and The Today Show.

Check out one of the news stories done on James Robertson's story below. If you are interested in donating to Robertson's GoFundMe, you can check that out right HERE.