Obviously if the police are raiding a place, they're bound to find something interesting right?

Well, a Detroit-area residence, according to MLive, was alleged to be an underground rave club which is why police decided to check things out.

Police did find your run-of-the-mill, typical raid stuff like drugs and weapons but they also found some "illegal exotic animals."

Sure, it may not be Joe Exotic-level animals...there were no tigers. However, do Arctic Foxes strike your fancy?

Well it did for these guys!

MLive says Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told them that for some drug dealers, owning an exotic animal is a "status thing."

Okay...so maybe it's breaching Joe Exotic-levels, right? This is sounding all-too familiar to the documentary and the man who got us through the first parts of quarantine.

Anyway, aside from the 125 grams of cocaine and 119 grams of ketamine these criminals were also found to be owning multiple Arctic Foxes.

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According to MLive, about a mile and a half from where they found all the drugs and foxes, police also found the club where the illegal, drug-dealing parties took place along with more cocaine and a shotgun!

Now, the three male suspects involved in this case are making their way back into court next week and the Netflix documentary about it all will be diving deeper into it in Fall of 2021.

Okay, we might be kidding about the Netflix part but stranger things have happened...right? I mean, we all saw Tiger King and who would have thought that would actually be something that actually happened!

While you can't own Arctic Foxes here in Michigan, here are a few unique animals you actually can own!

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