We get it, political tensions are high, but maybe don't boobytrap your candidate signs.

Political signs being stolen has been a "thing" since people began putting them in their lawns.

Be it the troublemaking teens who also might enjoy hijinks like smashing mailboxes, TP'ing, TikTocs and whatever else, or it may be your neighbors who totally disagree with you. Signs get stolen, they get vandalized, they get (insert anything else here), it happens and if you have one you should just be prepared...but not too prepared.

Saying "it happens" definitely doesn't make it right; however, rigging your sign up to physically injure people is just as wrong.

Recently, MLive reported, a township worker in southeast Michigan had to get 13 stitches in his fingers because of a political sign boobytrapped with razor blades.

MLive, citing WDIV Local 4, said the worker in Commerce Township was not even trying to steal the sign like we talked about before, but was simply removing the signs as they were "9 feet within the road right-of-way."

He grabbed the sign and the pain he felt, he described as thinking he had been electrocuted. That is, until he saw razor blades taped on the sign's edges and he was bleeding pretty heavily.

MLive says the Oakland County Sheriff's Office is still investigating; though the homeowner said recently, several of her signs were stolen and returned and she "was unaware of the razor blades."

We guess it goes without saying that November 3rd can't come soon enough. Not to say that will fix all political tensions in our country but the campaigning nonsense will come to an end and I think all sides can find at least some comfort in that.

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