A statue that sheds real tears every Sunday night? That's what some locals say.

There's a statue in Battle Creek's Oakhill Cemetery that is said to be of the Virgin Mary, even though it looks like a Greek Goddess. Either way, it's been dubbed "Crying Mary"and supposedly cries real tears every Sunday night, Halloween and during each full moon. Under her eyes are tracks of some kind of wetness that dripped...and caretakers swear there is no kind of plumbing whatsoever attached to the statue.

Surrounding the statue is the name 'Johannas Decker,' a woman who died in 1910. The legend that began in the 1940's says that she killed her own children and to this day sheds tears of regret through the statue; other tales say she committed suicide.

Some locals say she cries any night, not just Sundays...and you can reach up and feel the tears. Not dew, as some have scoffed, because the wetness only appears under her eyes and nowhere else on the statue.

Go visit some evening and see if you experience something...located at 255 South Ave, Battle Creek.

Is this something that's haunted, a phenomenon or just figments of overactive imaginations?

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