That's right - it was only a matter of time.

But here 'tis...a haunted trailer park...or mobile home park...or manufactured home park, if you prefer.

In Clinton Township, the Rudgate Manufactured Home Park - named "Rudgate Manor" - supposedly crawls with ghosts.

Near the park are railroad tracks where people were killed by the oncoming trains; the ghosts of these deceased are said to haunt the park. Walking through the trailer park at night, some people say they have seen ghostly black, shadowy human shapes near the rear of the park along the wood line barrier

And not just human ghosts haunt the park. The spirits of animals hit by the trains - dogs, cats, etc. - are also said to walk the park as well.

And on top of THAT - if that wasn't enough - the legend says that the park was built over an old defunct 1800's cemetery (what haunted place WASN'T?).

So there ya go...Michigan's own "trailer park of terror." If you're up to it, pay a visit some night and walk the grounds...and tell us what you find.

Rudgate Manor is located at 4866 18 Mile Road., Sterling Heights...

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