Yes if you are looking to do something really strange and also slightly haunted then touring the Haunted and Abandoned Traverse City Asylum is for you. It is one of the most haunted places in Michigan, originally called the Traverse City State Hospital, it is located on 1200 West 11th Street, Traverse City.

It was built as an insane asylum in 1885 and also administered to people with diseases/conditions such as typhoid fever, diphtheria and tuberculosis.

Some who have paid visit to this place, patients and non-patients, feel weird vibrations of things that have long passed…thanks to the Gothic-style buildings, underground tunnels and balconies with cages. "The spirits of passed-on inmates are said to roam the halls and rooms, with witnessed sightings of shapes in long white hospital gowns and the usual noises: moans, sounds of despair, etc."

There is also a curiosity called “The Hippy Tree” which is said to be the Portal To Hell.

If you want to do a tour whether that be during the day or at night you can here, (must be over 18) 

But just know if you are going on the tour it's not your basic history lesson so expect to feel creepy and maybe be scared for a bit. Also another note; there is no wheelchair access, so expect lots of walking and uneven floors and steps.  In addition, here's something else that makes this tour even weirder as one of the outer buildings, formerly a laundry for the hospital, is now a wine tasting bar, and the bar is made of doors from the asylum patient rooms. So expect to be a little more freaked out when you are enjoying a glass of wine.

Here's a creepy trailer with creepy music about the Asylum tour.

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