Also known as "Cry Baby Bridge," this Michigan haunted legend is approximately 125 years old; the spirit of a woman is said to haunt this road, looking for her lost child.

The haunted part of Morrow Road is northwest of Algonac, southwest of Marine City and between Shea & Holland Roads. Not many people live on this road, which was originally a cow path in the late 1800's.

In the late 1800's a woman reportedly died on the road while searching for her little boy. Her ghost is said to haunt the road to this day, still searching. The most popular version of this oft-told story is that a middle-aged woman died tragically one night while searching for her child while still in her she died is still unknown.

Earlier versions of this legend from the 1950's tell of a monster that consumed infants...not plausible and those tales currently do not hold up and are brushed off. Among the many versions of this legend is another popular one that claims the woman had an illegitimate baby and abandoned the boy by the bridge; when she began feeling guilty, she turned around and went back to retrieve the baby, only to discover it was gone. After years of searching in vain, she passed away and her spirit continues the search along Morrow Road to this day.

Incredible as it sounds, people claim to have experienced paranormal occurrences on the road, including seeing the spirit, hearing the baby and having the ghost's bloody hands smear their car windshield.

If you find the right locals, they will tell you that if you honk your car horn three times on the bridge you will hear the baby crying. Others have reported car trouble just by driving down the road. Orbs, colored lights are among the most-experienced on the road.

Unbelievable? Well, it was believable enough for Channel 4 news to do a news report on it as well as a motion picture in the works and TV's "Unsolved Mysteries" doing a short segment. Paranormal investigators still go out there from time-to-time; maybe you can round up a legitimate paranormal team and go out there yourself?

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