You won't have to worry about getting pulled over and have incriminating evidence put against you any longer, as the red light cameras could be banned soon in the state of Michigan.

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Does Michigan Actually Have Any Red Light Cameras?

For starters, Michigan does not have any red-light cameras. Most of the traffic cameras that are used in the state are used to monitor traffic speeds by motorists and are non-recording cameras.

You probably don't even know what the camera looks like if you're from the state of Michigan, not unless you've seen National Treasure.

Traffic Camera to Ticket Violators
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If We Have No Red Light Cameras, Why Make Them Illegal?

A Republican senator from Brighton, proposed a new bill to make the cameras illegal in the state of Michigan, believing that they could be an infringement on motorists' rights.

“Red light cameras are not about motorist safety,” said Senator Lana Theis told WILX. “What’s more important, red-light cameras violate motorists’ constitutional rights... Red light cameras are the definition of government overreach, and we should keep them off our streets.”

Traffic Camera to Ticket Violators
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The proposition to ban the lights falls along the lines of infringing on two amendments. Theis believes that the cameras go against both the fifth and sixth amendments, which are the right to due process (fifth), and the right to confront an accuser (sixth).

How Many States In The U.S. Actually Have Red Light Cameras?

Currently, only twenty-one of the states in the United States have red-light cameras.

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