Brent Creek runs through Flushing Township, a suburb of Flint before flowing into the Flint River. It's the woods around the creek that have some terrified after hearing the sounds of children in the forest, but knowing no child is near.

The question was raised on the Michigan Paranormal Encounters Facebook group:

Anyone ever hear any spooky stories about the wooded areas around Brent Creek in the Flushing/Montrose area?
Specifically hearing a child’s laugh but no sign of actual children anywhere?

The topic piqued some interest but no real answers. Cryptically, one reply suggested a YouTube search but little of value was found.

Perhaps the answer they were leaning towards was the sound of animals in the forest that can be mistaken for the screams of a child.

Video from Oregon may fall into this category. The unnerving sounds are clear around the 1:00 mark in the video. Commenters were quick to rule out animal sounds.

I have lived in Nevada around coyotes and that is not a coyote. That's a human. And one of the scariest sounds I have ever heard.

you're right those seem laughter and not coyote verses.

The Top 5 series also shares several unexplained sounds in the woods with these 5 to listen for:

5. 2017 Witset Sounds
4. Whispers of Yellowstone
3. 2016 Rhode Island Sounds
2. 2014 Screaming in the Woods at Night
1. The Sierra Camp Mysteries

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The Unexplained Sounds of the Brent Creek Woods

brent creek
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Back in Michigan, Brent Creek rises just south of Pierson Road and is not more than a small ditch. It travels north through Flushing Township and empties into the Flint River just north of Seymour Road. The outflow area is near the Flushing Township Nature Park.

It is odd that there are no stories of the unnerving sounds of children from the woods around Brent Creek. It certainly doesn't make the list of most haunted places in the region like the Fenton Hotel and the Crack the Whip statue at the Riverrest and Sunset Hills cemetery.

We'll have to leave this legend be for now. There just isn't enough evidence or folklore surrounding the unexplained sounds of children in the Brent Creek woods.

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