Bigfoot. Sasquatch.


That's all this thing is right? A giant ape-like, hairy being roaming the woods and currently the world hide and seek champion for decades right?

Credit: Market Trendz via Amazon
Credit: Market Trendz via Amazon

I caught a documentary the other night that pretty much said that there was a Bigfoot/alien connection. Or it might be an alien.

In modern times, it is a theory that dates back to 1973, but one that is grabbing hold as more and more Bigfoot hunters are reporting run ins with what is known as the orange orbs. Those are fast moving lights that one may think are alien in nature, but seen in areas associated with Bigfoot. (Masslive)

Bigfoot, orbs, & aliens? Paranormal?

And the sheer amount of people who have had run ins with these legendary creatures.

The Bigfoot phenomenon has spawned so many books, movies, tv shows, clubs, hunters...there is one thing that can't be denied.

Bigfoot = $$$$

A guy who's personally seen Bigfoot 7 times in 45 years is the CEO and controlling shareholder of a company that's in the business of Bigfoot and they are worth $10 billion dollars. (CNBC)

Tom Biscardi resents the Bigfoot skeptics. “They say ‘You’re crazy, this thing doesn’t exist,’” he told CNBC. “Well, it does exist, No. 1, and No. 2, we did take it public.” (CNBC)

But are they real? Capitalizing off the "people want to believe it's real" ideology is nothing new. Sell the myth, the fantasy, the adventure of hunting a Bigfoot.

All these reality shows. And all these "documented" encounters of running into and seeing a Bigfoot and nothing solid or anyone actually catching one.

And wait...apparently the U.S. government is trying to keep the existence of Bigfoot "a secret"?!?

Aliens, paranormal, government conspiracies. Oh and plenty of these.

Here's my take on this.

We have satellites, planes, drones. Thermal tracking. Radar. Science and technology people.

What? No DNA?

If we want to find something or someone we can do it. And if you're in a certified Bigfoot hotspot, how long do you think it'll take to find one?

We're finding bigfoot tracks and seeing blurry images of them running. We have cameras on our phones that take amazing pictures. Trail cameras that hunters use to see deer and other wildlife even in the dark and in 1080p HD nonetheless. Yet we can't get a better picture than a fuzzy blur? It moves that fast?

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And you tend to lose all credibility when you start throwing in aliens and orbs and paranormal activity with it. There's a race of sasquatch and we can't capture just one?

People believe in Bigfoot because they want to believe it exist. Consider me from Missouri - THE SHOW ME STATE. Until they capture one and show me for real, I'm not buying it at all.

The only Bigfoot/Sasquatch that exist are the Messin' with the Jack's Links variety...

And we can't forget about Darryl from Progressive...

Told you Bigfoot = $$$. Especially if this dude is MAKING THEM FOR YOU.

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