Growing up as a kid in Michigan I was always fascinated to learn about mythological creatures.

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I would hear stories from friends at school about Bigfoot.

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I remember my grandma telling me about the Loch Ness Monster and anytime I was near a body of water I always looked to see if anything was lurking just below the surface.

"Loch Ness Monster" Found
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Have You Heard of These Three Famous Michigan Myths?

As I got older I started to lose interest in these mythical creatures until I recently heard that Michigan actually has some famous myths.

Michigan Myth Number 1 - Torch Lake Monster


The Torch Lake Monster is a creature of legend said to inhabit the deep, clear waters of Torch Lake in Michigan.

It is described as having a lizard's body and the head of a cat or mountain lion, and is sometimes referred to as the 'Sea Panther'.

There are stories of it preying on unsuspecting visitors and campers at YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha and it is said to live at the very bottom of the lake.

Michigan Myth Number 2 - Dogman

Credit: Bedtime Stories via YouTube
Credit: Bedtime Stories via YouTube

The Michigan Dogman is described as a seven-foot-tall canine-like animal with the torso of a man and a fearsome howl that sounds like a human scream.

It is said to appear in cycles of ten years ending in the number seven, and some have speculated it may be a spiritual protector of ancient native burial mounds.

The Dogman is also described as having either blue or amber eyes and being half-man, half-canine.

Michigan Myth Number 3 - The Singing Sands of Bete Grise

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The singing sands of Bete Grise is a phenomenon where the sand makes a lovely singing sound when swirled around with the palm of one's hand.

It is said to be the spirit of a Native American maiden calling out for her lost lover who perished in Lake Superior.

You can reawaken her voice by making the sand sing with the palm of your hand, or by patting or brushing the surface.

However, it only works if you’re on the beach at Bete Grise. Take the sand anywhere else, and it loses its voice.

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