A woman from Shelby Township, Michigan claims she captured an image of what appears to resemble Bigfoot on her home security camera.

I will be totally honest, I want to believe that Bigfoot is real. The idea that there's this giant, hairy ape-like creature living among us is something that's fascinated me since I was a little kid. However, with no solid proof...Bigfoot is simply nothing more than a legend.

This past Friday night, Shelby Township Police received a bizarre call from a woman claiming her home security camera had picked up an image of something that resembled Bigfoot.

According to Macomb Daily, Shelby Township police couldn't offer any details over the weekend on the Bigfoot search or the report because the officers that were investigating were not available.

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That's literally the only information available at the moment. I know, it's not much but hopefully, the photo of the creature will surface soon and we'll get some more details.

Macomb County isn't known for Sasquatch sightings so it'll be interesting to see what this thing was.

Late last year, we told you about a Michigan man from the Upper Peninsula that had captured some interesting footage of what was believed to be Bigfoot. The "proof" was caught on one his many trail cameras that he had set up on his property. Animal Planet was so impressed with his footage that they featured his findings on the show.

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I think if Bigfoot really existed in 2022, we'd have some solid evidence.

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