After my recent paranormal experience (CLICK HERE to read all about that) I can't help but feel even more open to the world of communicating with spirits.

I know, it sounds absolutely bonkers, but I think people like mediums and psychics and anyone else that has the ability to see and communicate with spirits are so cool and I wish I had those abilities. I'm sure there are times where it's terrifying and they probably do wish they could just "turn it off" but cool nonetheless.

Well, if you also find yourself wondering "how" or at least "why" when it comes to people having the ability to communicate with those who have passed on, science has a few ideas!

A recent study, shared by Study Finds, came out of Durham University in England where they surveyed 65 mediums and 143 "regular" people who can't communicate with spirits to get to the bottom of what either gives people the ability to interact with ghosts...or, at the very least, think they can.

In their findings, researchers noted a few common traits between the mediums that the regular people were less likely to have. Those traits mediums say they have include:

  • Hearing voices in their heads
  • Spirit communications started at a young age
  • More likely to believe in the paranormal
  • Less concerned with judgement from society

Now, just based on those traits alone, I don't understand why I am not a medium!? Aside from "the voices" I feel like I have all of the other traits and yet, the only communication I've had with spirits is one time I asked the ghosts I believe to be in my basement to quiet down when I was home alone one day and heard a loud BANG down there not even five minutes later.

My personal anecdotes aside, the study concluded there are essentially only two reasons why people have these abilities.

The first, spirits pick certain people to communicate with at a young age and those people learn to fine-tune and harness those abilities.

Secondly, and the one I personally believe the most, is that people who believe in the paranormal and don't care what society will think about it are more likely to say/just believe they can interact with spirits (whether they exist or not).

I mean, that all makes sense to me! Of course, I am a little biased considering I feel like I should be a medium by now and I have had what I believe are paranormal experiences, but I can also believe that people just want to fool others...

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