If you don't know by now, the Bath Township Police Department has an amazingly hilarious team that runs their Facebook. They are constantly giving us funny little glimpses into what it's like being a police officer with their hilarious, and sometimes wonderfully sarcastic, point of view. With that being said, they've done it again!

The Bath Township Police Department's latest Facebook post is not only amusing, but gives everyone a real life look at what it's like having a dog. Take a look at their post below.

As you can see, even if your dog is a working professional, there is no such thing as personal space. I can vouch, and I'm sure all other doggo owners can as well, that when you have a dog, they just want to be with you. At all times. No matter what you're doing. They just wanna follow you everywhere, even in the bathroom. ESPECIALLY in the bathroom.

So for those of you considering getting a dog, know that they'll be by your side always.

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