Michigan's law about banning "Ballot Selfies" has been in effect for a few years now and a member of the Michigan government wants to bring it back. The current Michigan law prevents voters from taking photos of their ballots, and if the law is enforced and you are caught your ballot could be thrown out.

According to MLive, Rep. Steve Johnson, R-Wayland, put together legislative that would take away selfie restrictions for both in-person and absentee voters. Apparently, Rep. Johnson also introduced a bill taking away the selfie restrictions a while ago and is trying again to get it passed. He is in support of ballot selfies as it helps to show people supporting voting and a supporting a candidate, plus not all voters do this. Also if this new law were to get passed it would have a lot of baggage with it as there is a lawsuit that was brought up against it a while ago so there's that.

Michigan is one of 18 states that bans ballot selfies and this law if passed and signed by the governor would take us off that list.

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