The bad guys and like I always say, who knows it could be the bad girls too are at it again.

It seems they never rest. Especially when it comes to using their gifts for less than the greater good of all mankind. Like hacking into stuff where they shouldn't be. Like the MSU online store.

According to News 10, the Michigan State online store which can be found at was hacked by someone who was up to their nefarious activities and the bad guys and/or girls were able to grab credit card info used by shoppers who may have just wanted a hoodie, coffee cup or a mouse pad. The activity happened sometime between mid-October of last year and late June of this year.

Michigan State University began letting people who could have been possibly affected know about what happened beginning today. By the way, the reason that the website was able to be hacked has been repaired and if there is some good to come out of this it's that the bad guys didn't get any Social Security numbers. So there's at least somewhat of a silver lining.

If you are worried that you may have been affected by this hack because you have done business with the Michigan State University online store in the recent past and you haven't heard from officials by the end of this month, you can call MSU at (517) 355-1855.

You can also get more info from the News 10 website.

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