Sure you'll be traveling all around Michigan this summer. Amusement parks, camping, maybe even a flight somewhere. You and the kids will no doubt be looking for "free wi-fi". And when you're about to run out of juice, the first place to plug in to charge up. If you're in an airport especially, you run straight for a charging station. And probably plug in your USB cable.

Stop that. Seriously.

Get familiar with these two words: hacked outlet.

"Just by plugging your phone into a [compromised] power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data," Drew Paik of security firm Authentic8 explained.

The cord you use to charge your phone is also used to send data from your phone to other devices.

If a port is compromised, there's no limit to what information a hacker could take, Paik explained.

That includes your email, text messages, photos and contacts. (CNN)

And just because it's free, doesn't mean it's good. Or safe. Hackers are getting in on the free wi-fi bandwagon. They know most folks just connect without thinking twice about it. And that could cost you more than you know. Peep this video from CBS Boston and really think twice before you go out searching and logging onto the next free wi-fi network you come across.

(Video: CBS Boston)


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