After the last few years of online account hacking, more people are changing how or what they make as their password but most aren't making them unique.

A 2018 poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 41% of Americans say they use unique passwords for most or all of their online accounts....BUT that is just a third of adults under 45 do so. This isn't good as using the same password for several accounts or if you use an easy or non-unique password you are more likely to be hacked. You can be hacked easier as hackers often test big batches of passwords stolen in one breach against other sensitive accounts, this is called “credential stuffing". Credential Stuffing is how most of the big data breaches over the last 5 years have worked and is a practice still being used today.

If you want to make your accounts more secure here are a few steps: First, Don't use names, birthdays, or addresses this is likely the first step used when trying to hack an account. Next, Write down passwords, but make sure where ever you have written them down they are also secure.Third, Change your passwords every few months, and with accounts you use a lot you may want to change them monthly.

To check out the full study you can here. 

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