It's a topic many get uncomfortable with but it's anything but that for Cecilia Trevisan as she starts a period-product subscription box service and educates other young women about this normal bodily function.

We all know (or at least SHOULD know) women have periods. It is part of biology and without periods, none of us would be here. So why is it something so "taboo" to talk about?

That's what is so inspiring about what Gregory, Michigan's own Cecilia Trevisan is doing at just 12 years old.

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Why It's Important To Her

When it comes to having periods and being prepared for it, some young women are left to their own devices or left simply not fully informed on what is happening and how to handle it.

"It’s something not talked about," Cecilia's mom, Renee Trevisan, told FOX 47. "But it should be because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not and they should be able to talk to each other about it."

For many young women, their only education about their bodies comes from school sanctioned health classes and those only teach so much...I know in my personal experience my sisters and I are lucky enough to have a labor and delivery nurse for a mom so we almost know TOO MUCH about that area of women's health.

However, Cecilia told FOX 47 she felt like her 5th grade health class missed the mark so she and Renee were able to start a business to help educate other young women.

“The single dad, the daughter doesn’t want to communicate so maybe this will help,” Renee said.

The Business: Honestly You, LLC

Renee said that Cecilia has always wanted to start a business so they paired that with her desire to make more women comfortable with their monthly visitor and thus, Honestly You was born!

As reported by FOX 47, Honestly You is a monthly subscription box service as well as a resource for period advice.

What's In The Box?

The boxes cost: $32 for a one-time purchase, $30 a month for a three-month subscription and $29 monthly for a full year subscription.

Included with those prices is free shipping but also each month may have something different enclosed in the box based on Cecilia's personal favorite products.

For example, this month FOX 47 says the Honestly You boxes are themed "true to self" and include face masks, a journal along with other period necessities.

While there are services like this out there, if you are interested in supporting and empowering a young Michigan woman, you can place you order here at the Honestly You, LLC website.

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