I have lived in many cities being in this crazy radio business, and I have always enjoyed going to outdoor fests that came to the area. Whatever the theme, there are always many different types of food from different cultures, games, rides, booths, and if we're lucky a beer garden. Plus it's always fun when there is live entertainment.

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Well let's get ready for a fun one coming back to the Lansing area after four years. According to fox47news.com, Gizzard Fest is back! I am looking forward to going to Potterville. It will happen Friday, June 11th, and Saturday, June 12. Get ready for a good time with live music, a carnival, a car show and you guessed it, delicious chicken gizzards.

Folks in the city of Potterville, who also have new partners along side of the Potterville Chamber of Business, say they are so happy Gizzard Fest is returning.

"It’s something that the community has wanted back for all the years it was missing," Hatt said. "And we decided to partner together, the city and the chamber, and work with the citizens to bring back the festival they’ve been wanting."

Remember that Gizzard Fest is not some boring festival. Many, many people go to Potterville for good old fashioned fun! Many folks enjoy the small town feeling it delivers. I mean who does not love live music, a carnival, great food, and gizzards in their own backyard.

If you want all the details on this fun event go to Gizzardfest.org.

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