It's FURBABY FRIDAY! Meet sweet little Desmodium (she's not married to that name and you don't have to be either lol). She's a mixed breed that's a little over two months. She's new to the shelter from their adoption agency partners in Tennessee. She's gonna be a medium sized dog. Great temperament, a little timid and needs lots of loving and hugs. She will cozy right up to you. While looking for things to hide behind, she snuggles right up when you pick her up. She's gonna need your time and attention and a new home WITH YOU!

We spoke with Lexi from the Capital Area Humane Society today about our furbaby, spring and summer camps, Fur Ball, and The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater coming to The East Lansing Hannah community Center this Thursday. Take a listen.

Credit: Capital Area Humane Society