While some folks are ready to get back to normal, let's get you and your baby out to something DIFFERENT.

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We've all been locked up an quarantined for a little bit now. Restrictions have gotten the best of us. We haven't seen our favorite bars, restaurants, and clubs in a while.

So let's get you out and about this summer. But not to the same ole places. Those are gonna be packed anyway right?

Let's go someplace different and get ANIMALISTIC.

Introducing Zoo Nights at the Potter Park Zoo. And honestly, it sounds like great night out.

Think casual, happy hour, appetizers, drinks, music, fun, food, games, and more.

And at the zoo afterhours. That's the best part.

Well, maybe the 21 and up part is the best part. You at the zoo without the kids but doing "grown folks stuff".

This spring and summer, join us after-hours for a night of drinks, appetizers, and games. This series of four, smaller-scale events will replace Wine & Stein to satisfy new guidelines and capacity limits. (Potter Park Zoo)

Note that they said FOUR smaller scale events. Dates are May 13th, June 17th, July 22nd, and August 26th.

You are advised to get your tickets now. This would be a pleasant surprise and a definite change of pace.

Tickets are $15 for zoo members and $20 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Think about how much fun this will be. Surprise that special someone with a romantic night out under the stars at the zoo with some great food, music, and fun. Oh and the animals.

Set the mood and plan this romantic night now.

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