A total of 11 animals have tested positive for rabies so far this year in Michigan, including three in Ingham County.

Here is a full list so far from the State of Michigan:

  • 1 rabid bat in Saginaw County
  • 1 rabid bat in Alpena County
  • 1 rabid bat in Mecosta County
  • 3 rabid bats in Ingham County
  • 2 rabid bats in Washtenaw County
  • 1 rabid bat in St. Clair County
  • 2 rabid skunks in Oakland County

Rabies is a viral disease in mammals, most commonly transmitted by a rabid animal bite. It generally is found in wild animals like bats, skunks, raccoons, and foxes. Symptoms include lethargy, fever, vomiting, seizures, excessive salivation, aggression, and more.

The virus impacts the central nervous system, then the brain, and eventually causes death.

Pet owners are encouraged to vaccinate any pet that goes outside.

Signs of rabies in a person include fever, headache, general weakness, and discomfort. The symptoms last for days, and without treatment will progress to anxiety, confusion, partial paralysis, and hydrophobia, among other symptoms. Once these occur, the disease is nearly always fatal.

According to the State of Michigan, once a person develops signs of rabies, survival is rare. There have been fewer than 10 reports of human survival from rabies disease, and only two of those had no previous treatment for rabies, according to the state. (WNEM)

(Source: Michigan.gov)



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