Sup! My 21 and older peeps, what are you up to tonight? Well, if you like any combination of cool animals, craft beer, and/or Pokemon... There's something just for you going down at the Potter Park Zoo; Zoo Brew 2016!

The annual Zoo Brew kicks off it's second night of summer events tonight at 5:30 pm. For $5 in advance (or $7 at the door), you get the chance to walk around Potter Park while enjoying music from the Tenants this evening. There is also food and craft beer available for purchase. And this whole evening of fun stuff goes to supporting "the conservation and education mission of Potter Park Zoo."

If you also happen to play Pokemon Go, Potter Park is a gold mine!!! There are 25 Pokestops and several gyms along the way. So at the very least, you can get some free Pokeballs and hatch some eggs along the way. Am I right?!? Find more info about tonight's event HERE.

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