Put this on your TO DO list for today if you haven't gotten around to it.

The pandemic has been the cause of several things being pushed back, delayed, postponed, and just plain cancelled.

Your taxes and their due dates were simply postponed. We could never be so lucky as to have them cancelled.

They pushed the date for our income taxes back to July 15. Trust me I know as I waited until the last minute to file them. I owed them money.

Locally, when it comes to taxes, the city of Lansing mailed out Summer 2020 property taxes on July 1st.

And they're due TODAY (Aug. 31st).

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So if you've waited until the last minute to get this done, you are in the red zone my friend and you need to get your hustle on.

Even though the Treasurer's Office in City Hall remains closed due to Covid, you still need to get you stuff in by the end of the business day (5pm).

Payments must be in our office by 5:00 p.m. on August 31st to be considered on time.  Please allow 10-14 days for mail delivery before requesting a duplicate tax bill. Click here to view your tax bill. (LansingMI.gov)

Payments can be turned via drop box, in person at the Michigan State Federal Credit Union, online, or over the phone. (WILX)

Questions about property tax calcuations?

Property Tax Calculation

  1. Multiplying the taxable value (per 1,000) of the property by the millage rates

  2. Multiply total by 1% for the administration fee, add to the total

  3. Add any special assessments, recycling fee and/or any miscellaneous charges (LansingMI.gov)

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