To my bosses going through my search history and seeing the endless streams of Zillow tabs, I can't explain it.

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You Could Own These Five Michigan Mansions In One Purchase

This was a pure stumble upon as well, I wasn't planning on doing any Zillow article today, I simply was just browsing around...

So, where are these historic mansions located? Well, good news if you're a fan of Northern, Michigan.

These Michigan Mansions Are Currently Bed & Breakfasts' In Laurium, Michigan

In case you don't know where Laurium is, because I had never heard of it, take a look at the map below.

Nicholas Asplund via Zillow
Nicholas Asplund via Zillow

Are you ready to go back in time and possibly own these five historic mansions? Take a look inside them here below!

Take A Look Inside 5 Michigan Mansions That You Could Own & Buy In One Deal

This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal for sure, a historic set of mansions, that are all being sold together! Take a look inside them, and take a journey into the history of Michigan mansions.

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