After taking a pregnancy test, some people may keep it as a memento, while others simply toss it out. One mom-to-be took to Reddit explaining her mother-in-law was so excited about being a future grandmother she wanted to keep the pregnancy test for herself, leaving the woman feeling "creeped out."

"I found out I was pregnant very recently, and my husband and his family are beyond happy and excited. My husband was married two times before me but couldn't have kids for 10 years. This is obviously a huge deal for his family because his mum will be a first-time grandma with this baby," the woman wrote via Reddit.

"They threw a celebration dinner for us and as his mom and I were talking about the baby, she told me about how she already started 'making memories' by having 'keepsakes' of her grandbaby. I felt a bit confused and asked if my husband bought something for the baby and gave it to her," she continued.

That's when the woman found out her husband grabbed their pregnancy test out of the trash without her knowledge and gifted it to his mom.

"She said no, but he did bring her my used pregnancy test and gave it to her to store as a 'memory' of the news of her grandbaby's existence. I was floored. I looked at my husband like 'did you really do that?' and he nodded while smiling," she wrote, adding: "Not going to lie, I felt creeped out, disgusted and very uncomfortable."

The mom-to-be told her husband she felt "violated" that he gave his mom the test as it had her urine on it.

Amr Taha via Unsplash
Amr Taha via Unsplash

Her husband told her she was "overreacting" and had "ruined the joy" of their pregnancy announcement, as well as had hurt his mom's feelings.

"After the initial shock I just went off on both of them calling what they did creepy and disgusting and highly violating. My husband argued that it was not a huge deal, he just grabbed the test once I got rid of it, put it in a plastic bag and 'gifted' it to his mum as a keepsake," she shared. "I told him it made me feel violated and creeped out because that test had my literal pee on it. His mum then said something about 'taking care' of the smell and I lashed out even more and demanded they get rid of it, but they kept arguing, calling me controlling."

The woman noted her brother-in-law tried to intervene and calm the situation down, but she was too upset and left.

Users were baffled by the mother-in-law's decision to take let alone keep the woman's pregnancy test, and even more confused by the husband's reaction.

"To do that without your go-ahead is bizarre, to double down and blame you for being upset is concerning. Decent people would get rid of it and apologize for making you feel that way, not try to make you feel worse," one person wrote.

"Like, he couldn't just take a picture of it? Don't we all have phones with built in cameras that can immediately send a photo to another phone or an email address? No need to transport a urine soaked piece of plastic," another commented.

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